Meditation and Goal Setting

Happy New Year !

Everyone is talking about what their new year resolution is going to be. I thought I would start with a health plan. The way I see it – you get your health together, you have got your life power and motivation together with what you want to achieve for 2012.  Nothing is going to work unless you are  healthy. Did you know that you need energy to sleep. Have you ever experienced a situation  when you have been so tired and you haven’t been able to sleep? why is that? One reason is that in order to sleep you need energy similarly if want to have a successful meditation you also need energy.

What are the few things that you can do that can increase your levels of energy immediately as you get up in the morning? I know there are many different ways of increasing energy in your life, I thought I would share with you how I wake up every morning.

Dhanwantri the famous Ayurvedic physician says when you first wake up place your hand slightly below the nostril to see which nostril is more open. Once you discover which nostril is working, you should work with that side of the  body first, for that’s where the energies are more concentrated. Center your attention where your energy is already centered and you will be in harmony with your own natural cycles.

If  you are breathing through your right nostril look at the palm of your right hand. Observe the Palm branching out, spreading out to become five channels of energy ending in your finger tips.  Unimaginable power flows through the finger. This power is reflected in the extraordinary proportion of the brain devoted to the hands, far exceeding most other parts of the body. After looking at your palm and fingers stroke the thumb over the finger tips in a slow, soothing rhythm cycle. This simple routine ensures a proper flow of energy into the hands and helps bring their actions under conscious control and raises your energy to higher consciousness level even more so if it’s followed by mantra japa. Then inhale a few deep breaths of the fresh morning air and sit silently just being. Just sitting in stillness avoiding any interaction with others  first thing maintains early morning vibration and protects one from negative thoughts.

Have a happy healthy and prosperous  New  Year.

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