Why Meditate?

Meditation is trendy as evidenced by the fact that so many well-known people swear by it – Sting, Orlando Bloom, Richard Gere, Tina Turner, Gwyneth Paltrow to name but a few. But meditation is not a new phenomenon; it’s been around for thousands of years. It’s just that modern science is only now catching up with the fact that if there’s one thing that can completely revolutionise your life, it’s meditation.

It’s estimated that we only use 1% of our potential for conscious thought. The brain is the interface between our body and the source of universal energy, and it’s through meditation that it gains access to this virtually unlimited reservoir of power. In our normal waking state, the left brain – which is responsible for rational, linear thinking – is active. When we close our eyes, the right brain – which prompts creative, intuitive thought – is dominant. Deep meditation activates the entire brain. Not only does this put you in touch with your ‘genius zone’ but meditators find, without exception, that they feel more at peace with themselves and more able to take on the world.

But if you think that meditation is just about personal – and perhaps spiritual – development, just consider this.

According to research studies, meditation effectively reduces the symptoms of anxiety and panic disorders and prevents relapse in cases of severe depression. It reduces chronic pain by 50%, improves sleep patterns by 77% and reduces PMS by 58%. It controls high blood pressure at levels comparable to widely used prescription drugs, and without the side effects of drugs. Hospital admissions and outpatient consultations are 50% fewer for people practising meditation. In the over-40 age group the reduction is over 70%.

Companies like Apple Computers, Pacific Bell, NASA, Yahoo! and Google have offered free meditation classes to their employees. Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals has replaced ‘coffee and Danish pastry breaks’ with meditation courses during and after marathon meetings and increased the levels of alertness of their staff.

So, if you’re interested in keeping your body healthy, in sharpening your mind and balancing your emotions, or even if you have your eye on spiritual growth, how about joining me and testing it out for yourself.

Our next Try-out day for our meditation course is on 18 February 2012 in Central London.  Please ring me on 01372 725 327 or 07943 826261 to book your place.

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