Why Dru Meditation?

Why Dru Meditation, indeed! I have been meditating for the last 30 years and yet I realised that, although I was getting a fair amount of silence, I still experienced  some kind of stuckness! I then noticed that whoever I talked to about meditation would very often say ‘I meditate but…..’

I knew that scenario well. So we decided to research what and how to make meditation more successful. The Dru Meditation course came as a result of that search. Having tried and tested it we feel we have hit on the formula that can make successful meditators of most people provided, of course, that they put the effort in.

We realised through our research on yoga philosophy that a human being exists on several levels – physical, energetic, emotional, intellectual(wisdom) and bliss levels. These five layers envelope  a human being, at the core of which lies the Self or Atman (as it’s known in sanskrit). We have a direct experience of each of these layers. Most of the layers we  can relate to, for instance we are aware of our physical dimensions: I am 5ft 3ins etc. We are aware of our energetic body because we experience sensations. We are aware of our emotions: happy, sad, ecstatic etc. We are aware of our thoughts. The bliss layer may appear more illusive, however, it is experienced when we have those ‘aha’ moments.

The other fascinating thing about these layers is that they are not only layers of ‘being’ but layers of ‘conditioning’.  For example on the physical level if we go to a new place to stay for the night and we can’t sleep well in this new place, this could be as a result of conditioning to the old place. This conditioning is experienced in all layers of our being. So what you may ask!  This understanding about conditioning is significant because it is this that makes us experience our stuck-ness in our meditations. As a result of our unique lifestyles and experiences we are also unique in where we are  uniquely stuck!  In the Dru meditation course this has become very apparent because different students experience breakthroughs at different junctions of the course. Our Dru meditation course is devised in such a way that we approach each of these layers of ‘being’ and ‘conditioning’ with the most appropriate meditation techniques, because we have recognised this fact. What we have also come to understand is that meditation involves a process which starts with mastering the body.

The great preceptor of yoga, Patanjali, defined eight skill steps in the practice of yoga, and placed meditation as number seven. He stated that in order to achieve meditation you have to be able to concentrate. Further, in order to be able to concentrate, you have to be able to draw the senses inwards as a tortoise draws in its limbs. Before you can do this, Patanjali states that you need to have stabilised the life-currents in the various layers of your being, and to do this you need to have strengthened, balanced, relaxed and harmonised the body. (ref: Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – Book 2 ‘The Sadhana Pada’). As you can see, the successful practice of meditation starts first with a deep understanding and mastery of your physical body.

The Dru meditation Course comprises of six modules that focus on each of these layers of being with appropriate meditation techniques, movement, kriyas, energy block release sequences, which are unique to Dru, and much more to clear these layers of conditioning. Mindfulness is just the first stage in Dru meditation.  You can choose to stay at that level or take it further.  It is for all levels of experience and it is accessible for everyone. In the responses we have had from the students we are definitely clear that the formula works if the effort is made in the appropriate way.

“Today I feel filled with light, I feel soft and at peace, today I see, I open my eyes and really see, today I hear, I open my ears and really hear.
Today I touched my true essence, that which resides deep within, buried under layers of conditioning.
Each day that I meditate I release more of my authentic self into the light. Today I cried…….where have I been? Today I realised how important this tool is…my practice to myself. Not to be forgotten, not to be undervalued. I feel like I am back, the beauty
within free to shine once more.”
S.D. (Pharmacist)

I have changed and therefore my world has changed and this is largely due to the Meditation Teacher Training and all of you inspiring and amazing teachers.
B.F. (Film producer)

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