Meditation and Chakras

Here is a question – would you know what a chakra was if you bumped in to one down the street? If not then it’s well worth you getting to know them! Becoming familiar with your chakra’s will not only enhance your practice of meditation but all other aspects of your life too.

So why are chakras important? Because they are regions of consciousness and it is through them that we shape the experience of our world.

Here is a brief summary of what each chakra centre does:

  • the base centre influences our sense of security, groundedness and finances
  • the sacral centre shapes our relationships
  • the naval or solar plexus centre affects our zest for life and self confidence
  • the heart centre regulates our ability to give and love
  • the throat centre determines if we can effectively communicate
  • the brow centre helps us discern our life purpose
  • and at the crown centre we experience at the highest level no sense of separation and a knowing that we are all connected as one.

So as you can see there are seven major chakras that reflect different parts of your psyche and your world. Traditionally these are mapped along the spine and are associated with your major glands. Chakras in themselves are like vast universes of potential, yet you can access them through specific places along the spine – called kshetram points.

Your chakras are like a vortex of energy
Your chakras are like a vortex of energy

When you use meditation and the art of dharanam (concentration) on these kshetram points, you become more aware of what state your chakras are in and you can also influence them. Your chakras can be in or out of balance and this can be reflected in dis-ease whether physical, mental or emotional. But you can use simple techniques to balance your chakras and bring yourself back in to harmony. And this in turn helps you to create a more successful life at all levels.

So are you interested in getting to know the amazing and magical world of the chakras inside of you?

The Dru Chakra Dharanam CD’s available at our shop at are your first port of call.

The CD’s not only guide you to explore your own chakras but they prepare you to do this even more deeply with movement, pranayama (breath awareness), and kriyas. The CD ‘s then use the power of awareness, visualisation and breath to bring balance to each chakra and therefore to your life.

The Dru Stillness in Motion book also has a handy lifestyle analysis chart where you can actually map how your life is going and assess what chakras may need a little work using yoga.

And for those who want more guidance with the process—well consider having a personal chakra analysis with myself, or one of the other senior Dru yoga and meditation tutors.

Meditating on your chakras is one of the most powerful things you can do to transform your life. So go for it and empower your New Years resolutions by taking an incredible journey of self-discovery and explore the art of chakra meditation.

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One Response to Meditation and Chakras

  1. Jes says:

    Great article Rita, looks really good and is a lovely concise introduction to a vast and fascinating topic. Thank you.

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