Meditation and Nature

If you really want to learn about Meditation the best laboratory is nature it self…Out in the open one experiences the healing energy of the earth and heaven. Great souls like St Francis of Assiisi understood the importance of connecting with the earth and nature and walked everywhere bare foot for this reason.

To sit and to just be…is an amazing experience.In fact it said that Lao Tsu would often go out for a walk in nature early mornings and sometimes his neighbour would accompany him.One day his neighbour asked Lao Tsu whether he could bring a friend on the next walk.Lao Tsu agreed to this.The next morning as Lao Tsu, neighbour and friend were walking, the friend happen to make a comment how beautiful. The neighbour asked Lao Tsu again can the friend come again for the walk the next day he said: ‘ no he talks too much….’ we can all relate to that…Silence is eloquent and teaches us silence……and the deeper aspects of ourselves.

What are the other benefits of being out in nature.

Helps detoxification

In traditional Chinese medicine, having bare feet on the earth at sunrise helps the liver to detox. It’s even better if there is dew on the grass, or if it’s slightly wet! Chilly but beneficial!

Increases the feel good factor

Nature is universally accepted as increasing feelings of well-being. So, of course, does doing yoga and meditation! It’s something to do with the combination of fresh air, beautiful surroundings and increased negative ions.

Tunes the body into nature

We are natural beings, yet in the past couple of hundred years have had to adapt to living away from the land. Doing meditation and yoga outside helps our body to deeply relax. A Buddhist monk by the name of MahaGhosnanda who I met in Thailand who was popularly known as the Ghandhi of Cambodia said something very beautiful to me he said little sister our eyes and our sense are like cameras they copy everything ….how self evident that becomes when we are in nature.

Keep our mind sharp

Studies have shown that children who are surrounded by nature have longer attention spans than those without. I’ve found that a quick walk in fields clears my mind and increases my concentration levels and helps me to think creatively.

Negative ion high!

These negatively charged particles in the air are found in great numbers in forests, by the sea or rivers. Negative ions help us feel alert and reduce anxiety and depression. According to researchers, this is because they increase our capacity to absorb and utilize oxygen so that it reaches our cells and tissues more quickly. Doing meditation,yoga or pranayama outdoors is therefore a great double dose of increased energy!

Attune to the cosmic power

Yoga and the art of sitting silent is rooted in nature. Postures are named after animals, trees, and doing yoga outdoors enables a deeper connection to be made with the earth and heavens. Dru Yoga sequences, for instance the Earth or Moon salutations, are so powerful when done outdoors, facing a full moon or in a beautiful forest. Rather than sitting in a yoga studio visualizing being outside in the moonlight – it feels so much more powerful to actually be outdoors!

Using trees to keep you calm

It’s ideal if you can do your yoga and meditation near a tree. Research has shown that people are less aggressive if their houses look out over trees, and police report lower crime rates in housing areas which have a density of trees.

No wilderness near you? Then focus on gardens!

if you can manage it, please try doing even five minutes of silent sitting, yoga outside, whether it’s in your garden, park or balcony. Even if your surroundings aren’t perfect, keep attuning to the power of nature all around you, and under your feet. If there’s concrete or tarmac in the way, then send your awareness deeply down beyond all of that into the goodness of the earth and rock. Ask yourself to be connected to the energy of the earth, and you’ll feel more balanced, calm and joyful.

Here at Dru we love doing our meditation and yoga outside. It might be because Snowdonia Mountain Lodge, the home of our yoga and meditation retreats and teacher training courses, is slap bang in the middle of one of the most beautiful valleys in Wales. If you like to meditate in nature, then come and visit the Dru Yoga Centre in Snowdonia.

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One Response to Meditation and Nature

  1. tk66 says:

    This is a wonderfully uplifting blog, especially to read on 1st March with Spring just beginning to burst forth…I can’t wait to practise my meditation outside.

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