Meditation and the Secret Power of Light

Experience the Power of Light for yourself

Meditation and the Secret Power of Light
l was looking at the sun the other day and thought about how the sun is honoured by people of all cultures across the planet. But why is the sun and other forms of light so important to us?

Light brings us life of course but there has to be more to it because why are symbols of light, such as the sun, the moon and fire, so prevalent in spiritual texts.

Our soul shines brighter than 10,000 suns
The sun is often seen as an archetype that reminds us of that highest part of ourselves, the Higher Self alluded to in nearly all religions.  This is reflected in many cultures – Hindu, Egyptian, Shinto etc.

Vedic scriptures say the light of the soul shines brighter than 10,000 suns. Perhaps this why the sun often symbolizes the enlightened mind.

If we think about the nature of light, it’s nature is to illuminate or reveal. Light can penetrate the shadows and show us what is there to be seen.

Yoga’s discoveries
Yogic meditation has made in-depth discoveries about the science of light.  In yoga the spine is seen as a living pillar of light with three interweaving channels of luminous energy.

We progress towards enlightenment or our own greatest inner radiance, as our energy or consciousness moves up the middle pillar of light called the shushumna.

This happens when we balance the two outer luminous flows of energy or nadis.  These two nadis called ida and pingala represent two different aspects of the natural light spectrum – the sun and moon.  They also have opposite qualities such as male and female, introvert and extravert, and they represent the left and right sides of the brain.

One of the aims of Dru meditation is to bring these channels into balance so that they synergise and create that natural current up the middle. This is the rising of kundalini up the shushumna channel which is said to lead to the experience of awakening.

Enlightenment in the modern age
Some people have described amazing kundalini sensations during meditation but these experiences don’t always have a lot to do with connecting with the full radiance of your true nature.

The outcome of a true kundalini experience is that you feel more radiant, forgiving, tolerant, and you become a more compassionate person as these are the qualities of oneness.

Enlightenment becomes more achievable when we think of it as an open-hearted state where we exhibit greater states of compassion and feelings of unity. And this does not have to be done in a cave in the Himalayas.

Harnessing the power of your own light
Every culture uses light in one way or another as a metaphor to point to this highest potential.  When you start to work with light, you open the door to that power. You gain strength, and a fresh new impetus to discover and awaken your real Self.

So how about we draw upon the power of meditation with the intention of focusing on that highest part of ourselves. What mysteries would it reveal about our true nature and how would it effect our wellbeing? Shall we try and see?

Dru Flame Meditation
Be comfortable sitting either on a chair or cross legged on the floor. Place your candle in a position where you can look at it with no strain. With your breath flowing in a easy rhythm contemplate the light of the flame.

Focus on the flame and feel as if its warm glow is like a friend or mirror that reflects your own true light – the highest part of yourself. Create a cycle of energy between you and the flame. Breathe the flame toward you on your inbreath, your awareness travels to the flame on your outbreath.

Next on every ask breath simply ask ‘please reveal yourself to me’. If a deeper question arises like ‘what is my purpose’ then repeat that. Allow any answers to come to you. If you find your mind wandering go back to saying ‘please reveal yourself to me’. Do this for at least 5 minutes and then end with one minute of relaxed eyes and breathing.

Other resources
Dru’s Meditations on light CD has a few other different meditations on light to explore.

If you want to delve deeper in to the potency of light and how Dru has embraced this with the World Peace Flame then try reading The Secret Power of Light and The Flame that Transforms – all available at our webshops.

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  1. Sue Lonsdale says:

    This is BRILLIANT!!!! Get it!!!.

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