Meditation and Mantras 2

Between 1990 and 1992  I was part of project called Friendship without Frontiers where a group of three people travelled to over 41 countries connecting with other projects that were making a difference in every field of  human endeavor. I was one of those three people. One of our jobs was to publicize all the amazing things that were happening towards the sustainability of our planet and its people. One such visit we made was to a Yoga and Peace conference in the Pocono Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania where there was a gathering of amazing spiritual teachers and traditions.

Here I met an amazing young married man. We struck up a conversation at the conference reception desk because I shared them same name as his wife. We got talking and went to our first workshop on sound and mantra. A famous Swami  in America started chanting Bija Mantra’s (which are seed sound vibrations that when chanted correctly can manifest the thing they represent so, for example, Ram is a bija mantra that brings the power of light into being so in the old days some rishi’s used  this sound vibration to light their fires!)

The young man was sitting beside me started moving slightly oddly. I wasn’t sure what was happening to him at first, I asked him softly whether he was alright. He replied the bija mantra the swami was chanting was having an effect on his chakras. We left the talk and went out in the garden where he explained  to me about his spiritual awakening. He asked me to chant some mantras and asked me  to perceive where they resided in his body. His body took a particular mudra as I chanted the mantra. I am no psychic, but I could easily perceive where the mantra and the deities lay in the body which surprised me. He then showed me charts of drawings  he had made showing the psychic anatomy of a human being which were revealed to him in his meditations and he compared these to the Yogic texts and realised that what  has been written  a long time a go was indeed true! His teaching to me was – Rita don’t ever doubt the scriptures, yogic texts for they are true! My very small experience had already etched that truth in my heart.

I use bija mantra’s for health and harmony and  also share these with people I mentor where appropriate. A well known Bija mantra is ‘Om’ which is good one to chant before sitting down for Meditation. David Frawley in his book Ayurveda and the Mind has this to say about Om:” Om the most important of all mantras.  It represents the divine word itself. It serves to energise and empower all things and processes. Therefore all mantras begin and end with Om”.

If you would like use the Om chant as a meditation practise then chant om loudly, visualize it travelling up from the base of your spine  up to the third eye centre several times.  Then chant the om silently within with the same visualisation and then sit in silence.

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