Music and Meditation

Music is a powerful mood enhancer

You know how the right piece of music can help you feel really good sometimes?

Well music is so powerful that it can take you in to the depths of sadness or it can raise you to great heights.

Music can also play a potent role in meditation too. The right piece of music can quickly relax people and take them in to deep stillness, especially if it’s consistent and soothing.

But the wrong piece of music can be a complete distraction in meditation. Put on a piece of music that has words of a song that you know and you may find you are singing that song in your head rather than doing the meditation. Or put on a piece of music that has jarring melody and you may find yourself wriggling, unable to sit still.

Some pieces of music can also be used to anchor new states of consciousness. For example, string music can take you in to your heart, high flute music may evoke blissful feelings that help you to feel ‘at one’ while music with drums can help earth you back in to your body.

Meditation is often a journey where first people relax, then they become still and peaceful and affirmations can drop in, and lastly they become more enlivened and awake. Anyone could try changing the tone of background music during a meditation but to do this takes skill.

One of our Australian Dru Meditators, Greg Carlin, is a professional guitarist. He has been playing background music to relaxations and meditations in some of the Dru Yoga Teacher Training courses. He uses live music skillfully to tone match to the words of the person leading the meditations – first in a relaxing way, and then he changes the mood to take people to stillness. When people are being brought out of a relaxed state the music becomes livelier. Some of our students have said the gradual shift to uplifting and rousing music at the end has helped them to come back in to their bodies and to be more enthusiastic about doing it!

So you see, your choice of music can powerfully affect your own meditation experience as well as those of anyone you may teach. So why not experiment and see for yourself. And any time you come across some good meditation music, do ask about it, and let me know how you go.

There are two pieces of music that I use to help people go in to deep relaxed states. And believe me these CDs work as people often ask me what was playing. The CD’s I use are:

music for meditation CDs

Here are some excellent music for meditation

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