Meditation and the light part 2

flame that transforms Using light to experience meditation

Light has the power to captivate us whether in its’ form as sunlight, moonlight, starlight or fire. Every culture on earth has honoured the light, worshipping not only its vital practical place in our lives but also its greater mysteries.

When something fascinates us, it can be used as a very potent tool for meditation. And why is this so? Because it’s always easier to stay focused on something that we are interested in, something we like. When we have that level of one-pointed focus then we actually can become at one with the object of our fascination – this is when we experience true meditation.

For example, last time I spoke about light I encouraged you to stare at the brilliance of a golden candle flame. With practice you can fill your whole awareness with this flame. This one-pointed focus stills the mind as the mind’s whole attention becomes harnessed.  But if we take this further and are so absorbed that we become the object of our attention (the flame itself) then suddenly we become a living flame of light ourselves.

What we focus on we become

The ancient texts say our real nature of being is much closer to the light of a flame in our structure than our physical bodies. The fact that so many sacred scriptures allude to our light of being not only highlights why light is such a good subject to meditate upon, but it also shows that we should be wise where we focus our attention.

If we become focused on negative events from the past or are fearful of things that may happen in the future, then that is where our minds can become stuck. If so much of our minds are focused on the past, then through the law of attraction we may simply repeat the same even if we didn’t like the events last time, as the mind acts as a subconscious magnet. And if we focus on our fears of what is to come rather than the possible solutions to our worries, then we might just draw to ourselves the very things we are afraid of for the same reason.

The science of manifestation is based on universal laws such as the energy you put out is the energy you will get back. So the more of what you think about is the very thing you attract. This phenomena was unveiled in the film The Secret and it shows the power of the mind to create our world. It hands back much of the responsibility and the power for creating the outcome of our lives.

The light beyond all lights
All the great traditions talk about light as a metaphor for consciousness or our highest potential of consciousness. Science also talks about a unity consciousness in terms of the quantum mind or the holographic field. This is the same collective field or light that we have been talking about.

So if you are serious about seeking the truth of your being then you will be discerning about placing your attention only in to places of unity consciousness. So meditating upon the light of a flame can open a doorway of realisation in to the great light of your real being. Sound like a good idea?

For more information about using the power of light in meditation why not read The Flame that Transforms available at our Dru shop It not only has empowering and inspiring stories about the light but also other ways to use the light of a flame in meditation too.

For those who have done some Dru teacher training and who want to move beyond the tools taught there to even deeper spiritual realization then Dru’s new The Steps to Enlightenment Course is for you. It’s aim – to take you to a place where you will know that great light within all of the time! If you want to know more about this course please email us.

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