Meditation and the chakra’s – balancing the first 3 centre’s


The last time that I spoke about the chakras and meditation I talked about them as regions of consciousness through which we shape the experience of our world.

Now just think about the potentiality of that statement! It means that when we work with our chakras we can actually start to design our lives as we want them.

You can learn techniques to optimise your chakras – the power centres – on our latest Dru Meditation DVD available at our online shop. But through the power of visualisation there are some things you can easily do yourself.

Lets look in more detail at how we can use guided imagery in meditation to create not just peace of mind but success in our lives.

There are various ways to meditate on your chakras but here are some basic suggestions to include in your meditation practice. Even three minutes focusing on balancing each chakra with their key colours can change a lot in your life.

As a pre-requisite to any meditation on chakras one must as matter of course start with meditation on the Ajna centre for a few minutes (this is the point between the two eyebrows also known as the third eye centre) and then go on to focus on the lower chakra centres. To complete the process it is best to rest in Anahata, the heart centre, for a short time before coming out of your meditation. For a great experience of this try our Chakra Dharanam 1 CD.

Mooladhara (base chakra)
If you find that you are having financial troubles or are having difficulty getting settled in a home then it’s a sure bet that your base chakra is out of balance. This centre gives us our basic sense of security and also groundedness. Take your awareness down to the area between the coccyx and the perineum. Imagine a beautiful red flower blossoming there pulsating with life. Feel yourself connected with and supported by the earth and as you do, know that all aspects of your own life will be supported also.

Swadhistana (sacral chakra)

Some of the most prevalent issues that we face in our society are relationship difficulties. The sacral centre shapes not only our relationships but also our attachments to others or things and this includes addictions. Whether these attachments are healthy for us or not depends on if this centre is in balance. Imagine an orange sky before the sun rises in the region below the naval or in sacral bone region. Feel your relationships harmonizing as you focus on this orange glow or perhaps allow any unhelpful desires to melt in the warming orange dawn light.

Manipura (solar plexus chakra)

Are you feeling a bit low in self-esteem or having difficulty manifesting your dreams? Balancing the naval or solar plexus centre will help boost your self confidence, assist you with manifesting what you need, and it will also enhance your zest for life. Imagine a radiant yellow sun just below or around the naval area. Feel the yellow golden flames of the sun invigorate you with energy, strengthening your resolve to create the life you want, and empowering you in all that you do.

We will leave the top chakras for next blog. In the mean time would you like other potent meditations for designing your life? Try the new Dru Meditation Course Online that has been recently made available in the UK. .

Or go another layer deeper again and try your hand at the Dru Meditation Teacher Training course. Whether you want to teach or not, this is a brilliant in-depth course into Meditation but this time focusing on the koshas and like any in-depth meditation course, it will indeed transform your life.

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1 Response to Meditation and the chakra’s – balancing the first 3 centre’s

  1. Frani says:

    Thank you, Rite, for the simple nudge i needed as i find my way in my new world.
    Much love to you, Frani. ( south Oz/ Canberra )

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