Meditation and the chakra’s part 3 – balancing heart to head


The journey between head and heart is one of the most important journeys of all and reflects our personalities acceleration to a more refined consciousness.

When we enter the zones of the chakras above manipura our consciousness isn’t as laden with unconscious impulses. However, out of balance even these chakras can create some interesting experiences in our lives.

At this point we are beginning  to connect in with the higher and some would say more spiritual realms. It’s through these chakras that we experience unconditional love, a vision for our lives and can listen more to the needs of others.

As a pre-requisite to any meditation on chakras one must as matter of course start with meditation on the Ajna centre for a few minutes (this is the point between the two eyebrows also known as the third eye centre) and then go on to focus on the lower chakra centres. To complete the process it is best to rest in Anahata, the heart centre, for a short time before coming out of your meditation. For a great experience of this try our Chakra Dharanam 2 CD.

Anahata (heart chakra)
Our ability to be generous, to love, and to have compassion and kindness, all emanates from the flowering heart chakra. So often someone’s heart is hardened when they don’t express these qualities. But this hardening can also apply to a person who closes their heart in protection when they have been hurt. It is important to cultivate a strong heart that is able to stay open to life’s experiences.

One way to balance Anahata is to imagine in your heart a beautiful green leafy garden lush and overflowing with life and see rosey pink flowers blossoming amongst the greenness. In this garden feel the fullness as you appreciate the sheer beauty of the love that is inside of you.

VIshuddhi (throat chakra)

Whether we can communicate effectively is often dependent on the shape this chakra is in, as does the clarity of the discernment that we need when making choices.  When the throat is not constricted by things that we can’t accept, then we can feel a sense of freedom in this chakra. To balance vishuddhi imagine turquoise blue water washing this chakra clearing away anything that stops you speaking your truth or any thing that you feel you have to swallow because you cant accept it in your life.

Ajna (brow chakra)

In this centre you can discern your life purpose – and develop the inner vision to intuit the most appropriate courses of action in your life. To help you develop these qualities and balance this chakra, you can imagine an indigo night sky creating a sense of vastness in this chakra. As you focus on the indigo colour between the brows notice how detached your feel as you rise above any emotions to a place of stillness. And as this chakra opens up allow a sense of knowing to arise regarding any situation that you need clarity on.

Sahasraha (crown chakra)
As mentioned in the first blog, at the crown centre there is no separation and we have an innate knowing that we are all connected as one. This chakra of unity can never be out of balance – it’s just that we are not conscious of that unity. Perhaps the best way of connecting to the crown is to imagine a many petaled white lotus blossoming at the crown. You might even see the petals reaching out all around and that through it you connect with everything and all beings.

Once again simply taking our awareness in to these higher chakra areas for just a few minutes can help us to transform. So incorporating these techniques in to your meditation will not only enhance your practice, but your life.

To experience more of the wonderful world of the chakras check out Dru’s Chakra Dharanam CD available at our shop online And if you would like to explore the chakras on much deeper levels try our Dru meditation and yoga teacher training courses for both personal and professional development (more info also on the Dru site). These courses will guide you on a journey to get to know the chakras that reside within you. So have fun making the inner journey!

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