Meditation and the Elements – Earth

Ever had that feeling like you are not quite here or are a bit floaty? Or perhaps you feel a bit scattered or are noticing that you are losing things or injuring yourself. Or maybe you are stressed and just rushed off your feet and can’t slow down. Often these occurrences can be symptoms of simply not being grounded! What is being grounded you say?

Well it’s when you feel centered, you mind is clear and you are anchored with vitality in your body. Your thinking is focused and it’s not drifting in to the past or in to the future but your thoughts stay in the present – so you are grounded in your body and in the present moment!

One of the best ways to get grounded is by connecting with the element of earth in meditation. It may seem to be an oxymoron to get grounded in meditation but actually good meditators don’t float away. The are instead aware, very, very aware of everything. They just may choose to harness the power of concentration (or dharanam) to be aware of that which takes them deepest into meditative states. ‘That something’ could be an object, a mantra (a sacred word repeated), or even their body and the sensations it holds.  And of course the object of meditative awareness can also be an element of the natural world– even the most solid of them all– the earth.

You will learn more about the power of concentration and dharnam’s on our chakra dharanam CD’s or in our Dru Yoga Teacher Training courses. But if you want to experience the penultimate of earth meditations, that try our Dru Meditation DVD that has an earth meditation for its first track. Remember this DVD specifically focuses on the elements in nature to help you meditate.

Even in the brief nine minutes it takes to do the meditation from this DVD you can relax and unwind from a busy day and then feel peaceful, strong and empowered. Why does the focusing on the earth help you feel that way? Lets look at a few of the qualities of the earth:

  • still/peaceful
  • balanced/solid
  • strong/enduring

When you concentrate on taking your awareness down to the earth – you first take the focus away from the wafty thoughts in your head to the more tangible feelings in your body. Then when you focus on the earth itself these qualities of strength, peacefulness and solidity become imbibed into you as states of being. Goodbye scattyness, hello feelings of calm and being centred and secure.

Like to try it for yourself?

Short Earth Meditation

  • Sit on a chair and begin to slow down and deepen your breath. Allow your awareness to sink with each slow breath in.
  • So breathe in and feel the air in your nostrils fill your head.  Then breathe out. Now breathe in again a little deeper and fill your chest with oxygen. Breathe out and your chest sinks.
  • The next time you breathe in see if you can sense the diaphragm lower while both the chest and belly expand. Breathe out chest sinks, naval draws in.
  • Breathe in once again this time really noticing the abdomen extend and on the outbreath relax and sink into the chair and notice the solidity of your pelvis and buttocks on the seat.
  • Breathe in again and take your focus down the body and even down the legs to the feet. Relax the body even more on the out breath.
  • Lastly breathe in taking your awareness down the body, notice those parts of your body touching the chair and the floor and relax so much that it is if you sink further onto the solid earth beneath.
  • Feel the solidness of what lays below you – it lies still and peaceful. Allow that stillness and peace to permeate your awareness. You feel solid, heavy, and unmovable like the earth. Enjoy being here for a moment.
  • Then when you are ready breathe in and slowly bring your awareness back up your body to your chest. As you gradually increase the speed of the breath you feel your lungs with life giving oxygen and your body with energy.
  • And when you are ready open your eyes and stretch

In the Dru Meditation Teacher Training the whole first module helps to retrain you to focus on your body and to really be aware of the sensations there. There really is no point in moving to the higher levels of consciousness until you feel comfortable and grounded here because the physical layer is your foundation. Being acutely mindful of your physicality is the reason Mindfulness Meditation is being used so successful in so many arenas now, because it takes your awareness in to your body where you find the same earthy qualities of stillness and calm while guiding you to observe and not be attached to what you sense. And with practice you cultivate the abiding mind that the stresses of the world cant touch.

But what is even more useful to know is how you can build on this physical awareness to actually redesign your physical body, emotions and mind and in fact your world!  But I’ve jumped the gun a little, as the secrets for that are revealed later in the Dru meditation training. Perhaps I’ll see you there!

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1 Response to Meditation and the Elements – Earth

  1. It seems to me, that with the growing use of technology, we are increasingly not present in our bodies here and now, but are in our heads somewhere else. I think grounding, earthing practices, and getting outside are really valuable for our well-being.

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