Meditation and the Elements – water


You know how good it feels when you go for a walk by the ocean or by a quiet rambling stream in a lush forest. Well you get that feeling of wellbeing because the elements in nature have the power to clear your mind and settle your emotions. Nature has an inherent power to heal and the elements specifically can bring you balance.

Each element acts on our body/mind systems in different ways. Fire can impassion and invigorate you, the earth can ground and center you, the air can open your mind and clear your thoughts, and water has the ability to balance your emotions.

Our bodies are made up of 70 to 90 per cent water. Whatever the exact figure that’s a lot, as our bodies are mostly water.

Water and the moon
Many associate the moon with the watery element and our emotions.  The moon has the power to affect the tides of the ocean with its gravity. So it’s not inconceivable to see the connection between the moons phases and our own emotional states since the moon has such an affect on the earth’s water bodies and being that our own bodies are made up of majority of water.

At full moon when the moonlight is at its strongest, we are more likely to have more energy.  Those noticeably affected by the moon may feel heightened emotions or have many persistent thoughts.

So you can see the moon has a powerful effect on the water in our body, which in turn effects our emotions. Here is an exercise that you can do to specifically to use water and the moon to balance your emotions.

Swadhisthana Dharanam
Sit comfortably and take your awareness to your forehead and imagine that you can breathe in and out of your forehead.  Stay here for a few minutes, then follow the breath down to the lungs on an exhalation.  With each in-breath, allow your awareness to sink further – to the hips, and then to abdomen. Feel the rising and falling of the abdomen as you breathe and visualise seashore at night with the waves breaking on the shore.  There is a connection with your breath and belly, and what you see.  As you breathe out the waves break and the abdomen expands and as you breathe in the abdomen contracts and the sea withdraws.  Visualise the crescent moon rising over the ocean, casting a reflection in the sea and forming a path to you. Feel your awareness move across the sea away form the turbulent shore into the calmness of the ocean.  Focus on the crescent moo with a sense of expansiveness and then be still and silent for a few moments.  Make the affirmation “within me I already have everything I could ever want”.  To finish bend over and rest your forehead to the floor for a few moments grounding any feelings of spaciousness and then gently come up.


This exercise is one of the concentration techniques to be found in our Dru Yoga Teacher Training – a brilliant course that adds to one’s skills as a meditator. For more information about the course visit our yoga teacher training page at

Yoga and meditation has the power to bring balance into our lives but as mentioned previously so do the elements themselves. Water has the power to help us on many levels. Just as it cleans our body it can cleanse our minds, emotions and our energy fields. It can invigorate us with its’ movement, it can help us flow more with life. Water can cool down heated frustrations and agitated thoughts. Water also helps us come to turns with sadness and grief.

So when we focus on the element of water in meditation it can helps us do all of this and more. It can also help us flow more with what life brings us, it can settle our emotions so that we can be more still and peaceful, and it can cleanse our energy systems so that we are clearer to face life.

Amazing hey? So if you would like to experience guided meditations that use the elements to balance you, then please try our new Dru Meditation DVD shot in stunning locations throughout Australia. You can get it from our Dru shop online.  It has guided meditations designed specifically to use the elements to bring

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