Meditation and the Elements – Fire

 When you think of the element of fire and what it represents, what springs to mind for you?  Do you associate fire with passion and creativity, burning hot anger or perhaps energy and willpower?  And when you think about fire do you visualize a still silent flame or the power of roaring undirected wild fire?  Do you ever crave the light and warmth of the sun or enjoy the flames of a dancing campfire?

 As you can see fire can have many meanings and memories attached to it and each of us will relate to fire in different ways according to our temperaments. But often fire energy is seen as the element that gives as get up and go and even passion to reach for our dreams.

Culturally fire and the flame have always played an important role. Fire was the lifegiving force that brought warmth and cooked food in the hearth. So often this element was at the heart of a home. But the signficance of fire far goes beyond a tool of survival and socialisation.

For Hindus fire is a very important element for their spiritual practice. Agni, the god of fire, is said to be the messenger between God and so many offerings are given to Agni in sacred fire ceremonies called yagnas.  Flames also made in divas or diva lamps are offered to other deities with great love and homage. Outwardly such offerings symbolize an inward giving to a higher awareness.

And the Masai are also said to send messages through the medium of fire. They believe that when we sit in quiet communion with the flames of fire that we meet in the heart of the fire.  The fire is seen as that place where our souls and thoughts merge.  Fire can be seen then, to send our prayers, dreams and visions to the Gods.

So you can see the element of fire is very important in psyche and because of its potency it can be used to direct our meditation in powerful ways. Simply lighting a candle flame can be seen as opening a telephone line between ourselves and God or visualising a flame internally could burn away thoughts or tensions that no longer serve us.

Here is a special treat – an abridged version of a flame meditation from the Dru Meditation Online Course. Perhaps you might like to record yourself reading it out and then play it back so you can go deeply into meditation. This highly charged meditation uses the flame to help to clear the effects of anger or frustration from your body.

 The Flame Meditation for Dissolving Angerdownload as a pdf.

You would think focusing on a flame would fan the fires of anger. But you can use the element of fire in a directed way to heal and balance. You just need to use carefully chosen descriptives so that the heat of anger can be replaced with a relaxed glowing brilliance of creativity.

 For a different version using a flame in meditation try the ‘Light’ track on the Dru Meditation DVD – it uses a flame to heal your body and mind by drawing on the power of light to renew.

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