Meditation and the Art of Calling your Power Back

 Ever felt drained in energy after an emotional event or if you’ve been around someone that you feel you have given your power to?

 When you invest energy like this it means that energy is not available to for you to use each day. Calling your power back means releasing blocked energy from the past and making it available to you again.

 You can create less turbulence in the mind once you have resolved issues where you have given your power away. Meditation becomes easier because your mind is not being pushed or pulled by turbulent torrents of life so your mind becomes more equanimous. And as a result it is easier to sit in silence.

 A potent key to releasing blocked energy and refilling your energy quotient is to practice the Dru Energy Block Release sequences found in the Dru Meditation Teacher Training or Dru Yoga Teacher Training course.

 Deep relaxation is another key to calling your power back so we encourage you to practise relaxations regularly. However you can also use specific meditations as a technique to call your power back and to create a successful life.

 The following meditation relaxation is from the Dru Meditation Teacher Training course. You can use it call your power back and enhance your meditation at the same time.

 Calling Your Power Back Meditation

     Light a candle and sit down to gaze at it.

  • Then in front of the candle bring to your mind any events where you may have given your power away.
  • Set the intent that you are calling your power back from that time. You can visualise a TV screen with the event playing out in front of you. But don’t indulge in the event or the emotions and thoughts surrounding it.
  • Instead bring the light from the flame in front of you to the event itself. See that event filled with light and then consciously draw your energy, your power, back via the flame.
  • This is a powerful exercise to do. Your body may even shudder because the energy is coming back in. Don’t worry if that happens because your energy is coming back through the power of the light of a flame – your challenges are clearing.
  • Then say the word ‘peace’ four times cleansing your physical, subtle, causal, and turiya levels of your energy system – these are the different states of your Conciousness.
  • Then lastly pause and rest in stillness.
  • This may be all that is needed but if it is a powerful event for you then by all means repeat the exercise another time until you feel a sense of strength and empowerment return to you.
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3 Responses to Meditation and the Art of Calling your Power Back

  1. astoria108 says:

    Hey cool blog piece! 🙂

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. beth868 says:

    This is very powerful even without the flame. Imagination is a very powerful tool. Thanks so much Rita.

  3. Anna says:

    This is a powerful way to think of past experiences. To believe I can reclaim power, from something in the past, is immense. I have been looking over, times gone by, and acknowledging how just the thoughts from past events, can drain my energy (still!). I am energised by the thought of letting go of that energy drain, and empowered by the idea of re-visiting them, as well as facing future events from a position of maintaining personal power. Thank you for sharing this meditation.

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