Dru techniques reviews

Enjoy the Earth Meditation from our latest Dru Meditation DVD

Say good bye to stress

This 8 minute guided meditation track from the Dru Meditation DVD, Balance Mind and Emotions, is virtually guaranteed to leave you deeply relaxed, soothed and at peace with your world, regardless of what state you started in.

With your eyes open this is a visual feast of stunning scenery and an audio bath of relaxing music and gentle instructions.

With your eyes closed this track is a profound meditation that precisely works on soothing archetypes in your unconscious to bring peace and stillness to a busy mind.

And you can even lie down and completely relax while listening.

9 minute meditations

… with the Dru Meditation DVD, Balance Mind and Emotions

This Earth Meditation is just one of 6 soothing meditations on the Dru Meditation DVD.

Short, potent and effective, they are designed to give you a quick re-centre in the midst of a busy day, at your desk, at work, at home or anytime you want to connect with what’s really important in your life.

  • Earth: relax and unwind—feel peaceful, strong and empowered
  • Water: reconnect with your purpose—let go of self-limitations to get back into the flow
  • Light: heal your body and mind—heal dis-ease and positively reshape your life
  • Air: tranquil and calm—use breathwork to experience deep relaxation
  • Sky: develop a higher perspective—expand your vision and enjoy life more
  • Optimise your power centres—effortlessly gain access to the awesome powers of your mind with this magnificent meditation based on the archetypes of the chakras
  • Special bonus: how to sit comfortably—simple tips to stay comfortable, alert and totally relaxed

Brilliant for your yoga or meditation classes or relaxation groups

The meditations on the Dru Meditation DVD will really help people gain from the many benefits of meditation. You have copyright permission to play tracks from our Dru Meditation DVD in your yoga class, your meditation class or your stress management or relaxation groups of normal sizes.


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