Rita, the author of Dru’s best selling book ‘The Dance between Joy and Pain’ offers you over 30 years of her spiritual wisdom. Her warmth and insight and ability to get straight to the heart of the issue have helped countless people turn their lives around.

She can help you choose how you want to be in life; develop spiritual and emotional maturity in day to day living; find your true purpose in life; achieve your full potential.

  • The techniques Rita employs are:
  • Goal setting and achievement – 12 step approach
  • Coaching – distinguish the essential questions
  • Muscle testing

Rita’s common sense approach, unique perspectives, spiritual depth and awareness will get you on track to your realizing your dreams.


£60/hour for face to face mentoring, or pro rata (more or less if we have more or less time)

If distance makes it difficult to have a face-to-face session, telephone or skype mentoring can be arranged, the cost of this being £40.00 for the hour or pro rata.

Please give some thought to the questions below and then email or call to book in.

Call or text 07943 826 261


How frequently would you like the mentoring sessions to be?

Would you like a face to face or phone mentoring session?

What is your preferred day and time?

How would you like to pay for the session? Cash, Cheque, Credit Card

If there is any specific area you would like to explore, please state briefly:




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