“Today I feel filled with light, I feel soft and at peace, today I see, I open my eyes and really see, today I hear, I open my ears and really hear.
Today I touched my true essence, that which resides deep within, buried under layers of conditioning.
Each day that I meditate I release more of my authentic self into the light. Today I cried…….where have I been? Today I realised how important this tool is…my practice to myself. Not to be forgotten, not to be undervalued. I feel like I am back, the beauty
within free to shine once more.”
S.D. (Pharmacist)

The Dru Meditation course has been the gift of my life.  A going within on a journey of self-discovery to find insights of great jewels   Its as if  a flow has begun in my life that is clearing all the flotsum and jetsum and swirling me along a stormy freeflow to a calm open sea where I find myself floating with the light of the Moon on my face and the warmth of the resplendent Sun and the endless wonderments of the stars in my Heart.
Once on shore as I gather stamina for my Soul, I can attempt to tidy and sort my own dwelling before telling this amazing story in the houses of others.
D. L. (Yoga Therapist)

I have changed and therefore my world has changed and this is largely due to the Meditation Teacher Training and all of you inspiring and amazing teachers.
B.F. (Film producer)
“My meditation practice is awakening me to a place unfettered and unencumbered by old behaviour patterns that no longer serve me.” Deb Reid, Dru Yoga teacher, California

“This Meditation course can ultimately help you to resolve anything in your life, help you see things for what they are. The course has guided me step by step and it goes into so much detail and gives such a variety of techniques that you can use to eventually find a place inside that’s totally joyful, that’s what I found. It enabled me to find a depth of silence that helped me to tune into my intuition. In difficult situations I’ve found I could call on my intuition and have the answers I need. I needed to do the Dru Yoga course, however the meditation course was the bigger and better present I gave to myself.”
P Ward, North Wales

“Working with the pranamaya layer opened up a connection with my environment and those around me. As a yoga teacher, it enabled me to tap into the energetics of my students and the room, under standing their needs and fine tuning my class to suit.”
Michelle Harris, Melbourne

I hardly recognise myself as the person I was years ago. The bouts of depression, anxiety and low self esteem I used to suffer on a regular basis has gone, to be replaced by increasing confidence and joyfulness in life that I’d forgotten was possible.
Catherine, Dru Yoga Teacher, UK

Rita’s breadth of knowledge and wisdom is undoubtedly life enhancing. These workshops have helped me in many ways, not least my own self development; enriching my relationships; improving my work life; and generally confirming and adding to a set of values that continue to help me.
Don’t miss a chance to attend one of her sessions; it will change your life!
M.Brimley, Yoga Teacher & Health Consultant. Manchester

Rita Goswami  is deeply caring and compassionate and her sense of fun and laughter exudes from her as she openly shares her life’s experiences. I find myself constantly remembering pearls of wisdom from past workshops that help me cope with all sorts of circumstances within my life. Thank you.
Orina Murphy, NLP Practitioner and Stress Management Consultant

I’ve listened to many of Rita’s talks over the years and every time there is always that feeling I have just received something profound, a precious jewel.
N. M, Team Development Trainer, Liverpool


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